Inspired by Grandma’s Goulash‘s meme Succinctly Yours‘ 140 characters OR 140 words challenge and “word of the week” bonus.
Word of the Week:  Yam


Rob looked up just in time to see a flash! After the paper came out, he gave up cross-dressing, mocking Big Bill’s socks and stealing yams.

~140 Characters~

5 responses to ““Captured”

  1. 🙂 Hi Faith ~~ Sometimes it takes something like getting in the paper or on the news to see how stupid we are. I was trying to decide which was his worst here, I think the stealing was really bad. But then mocking on IS NOT NICE.
    Oh yes, wellcome back to the 140 writing fun. I like your imagination.

  2. I should write “Welcome” 100 times on the blackboard. Sorry.

  3. His photo in the paper was just the wake-up call Rob needed to give up his bad habits. Ingenious microfiction, Faith!

  4. Faith, you are so clever. Loved it.

  5. That’s ever so creative and it left me smiling too. I could just picture this. Thanks so much for joining in.

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