Out of View


Iron pew out of view
Perfect to soak autumn hues
And muse of you

Written for Magpie Tales  
Comments and Critiques welcome!

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3 responses to “Out of View

  1. Faith, thank you for your response to my poem—I was wondering about that “a’shiver” but liked it and am glad you did, too. I like the way you use pew/view/hues/muse/you to connect the poem –those high frequency, mournful vowels–then the drop to again, the lower frequency vowel and the consonant that roots it to the ground. Lovely.

  2. Oh, I like that. Got such a visual hit with it. And the sadness of how the mind comes back again and again to lost loved ones.

  3. Simply, powerful and beautifully written, perfect for the picture.

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