“Beam me up, Scottie…”

This week’s prompt is “Beam me up, Scottie…”


Dr. Lawrence walked into the commons room at the State Hospital. “How long has she been like this?”
“Since she was brought in yesterday.”
“What’s she whispering?”
The nurse paused before responding, “Beam me up, Scottie…”
Scottie? What’s that even mean? I must remember! Think, Ruth, think!”


“Captain, with all do respect, it’s time to transport her.”
“No, Ruth said to wait for her transmission; we’ll wait.”
“But after all this time . . . remember Jamison?”
“If she’s got amnesia and going crazy-?
“In retrospect, maybe that wasn’t the best code to choose.”
“Ya think!”


Word Count  100
Written for  Saturday Centus

18 responses to ““Beam me up, Scottie…”

  1. I want to know what happens next and before and how and why! Keep going…I enjoyed this.

  2. Oh, dear. Seems like we’ve got a situation here.

    PS. Good Centus!

  3. Ha! Come on, Captain, beam her up!!

  4. This was a captivating read…I want to know the rest of the story!

  5. Oh my, what’s going to happen to happen. Very suspenseful. More, more. Good job.

  6. cheriebakow@hotmail.com

    I really want to know what happens next! Great job.

  7. I do wonder what will happen to her! Code?

  8. That was really good. I hate it when there is more to the story that we don’t get to read.

  9. Great Centus, Sue! You got everybody on the edge of their seat wanting more! That’s the sign of a bestseller! Well done!

  10. Oh come on! Don’t leave us hanging! Does the poor thing ever get home? Or is she stuck in the mental ward, misdiagnosed and misunderstood? Well done!

  11. Clever and sooo good … I loved it! :o)

  12. oh yes please don’t take me ever to the State Hospital…they are kind of creepy there…just listen to them…and that doc…oh no! 😉

  13. Cute twist at the end. There’s a lot more story that could stem from this. Nice piece.

  14. Very good! Leaves me wondering.~Ames

  15. Great use of the prompt…was she an alien or a soldier on assignment….want to know what happens next.

  16. Wish you’d expand this…I was caught up in the story with just the first few words…I crave more…

  17. Suspenseful and wonderful. Really amazing use of this very difficult prompt and genre.

    Thanks for linking.

    This was really excellent.

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