Fierce Battle


Inspired by “Microfiction Monday
where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer.”

Rotund Samurai
Fierce battle in the sky
Fate chooses one to live one to die
Umbrella shield held up high
Warrior sons cry,
Die, fat boy, die!

NOTE:  I almost went with “Umbrella shield, iris field” but thought I’d stick with the rhyme of the rest of the lines.

~140 Characters~

7 responses to “Fierce Battle

  1. Great last line! LOL

  2. There’s a wonderful selection of takes on the prompt this week! This is great. Just the sort of audience cat-call that livens up a bout of sword-to-umbrella fighting!

  3. “Rotund” is such a wonderful word. Is there a word for words that sound like what they describe. Rotund is definitely . . rotund!
    I love the controlled venom in the last line. “Die. Samurai San!”

  4. The last line took me by surprise and left me laughing. Good one.

    My MF: Details

  5. Not many tried a poem this week-nice job!

  6. Brilliant take on this prompt!

  7. Wonderful take on the pic.

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