The Lottery Ticket

This week’s prompt is “The lottery ticket…”

The lottery ticket fell from his pocket.
“You promised you’d quit!” she accused.
A smile crossed his lips as he watched her leave.
At last, he’d won.

Word Count:  25
Written for  Saturday Centus

17 responses to “The Lottery Ticket

  1. I like the intense, emotional rollercoaster – in exactly 25 words. Very impressive.

  2. Ha! You nailed it! Too bad she didn’t stick around to hear his response!!

  3. Bet she comes running back after she watches the news 🙂 Really nicely done, you managed to tell a really complete story in 25 words – very impressive! Kat

  4. There’s all kinds of winning and I love the way that you leave the possibilities up to the reader.

  5. He still has to split it with her. Haha!~ Ames 🙂

  6. Now did he win the lottery or he won because she left him LOL?

  7. Oh … soooo good!!!

  8. Really good! I like it, nice one. 🙂

  9. Really good one…but what did he win? Please elaborate.

    • I purposely left the interpretation up to the reader. 🙂 Perhaps he has won his freedom from her, or he’s won the lotto, or both. I believe it’s both.

  10. Nice job…different twist…Peace and blessings

  11. oh that was good … what a way to get rid of her …

  12. Brill! A happy ending!

  13. What a meanie he is! 🙂

  14. Geez, guess he wanted it all to himself…

  15. Oops ! Time to go back to Gamblers Anonymous!

    Great use of the prompt.

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