Inspired by “Microfiction Monday
where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer.”

  Mothman was no match for young Bobby whose powers were already fully developed. One day he would reveal the fossilized creature as art.

~137 Characters~

NOTE:  This sculpture of the “Mothman” was created by artist Robert Roach.  The statue is located in Point Pleasant, WV, the site of the “Mothman Prophecies”, a book by John Keel written in 1975 about the mysterious creature that appeared in Point Pleasant in 1966.  The book was made into a movie with Richard Gere in 2001.

12 responses to “Mothman

  1. Yes, it would make great art – probably already has 🙂

  2. Oh very clever…well done!!

  3. Good job! One of mine had a character named Bobby, too–guess great minds think alike (and fools seldom differ…I know, I know)…LOL
    Have a great week. Cheers.

  4. Very nicely done.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Great interpretation.

  6. Bobby has met his match!! I have mothman as butterfly man. Great minds!


  7. Thank you Faith, for the explanation of Mothman. I went through Susan’s post but you did wonderfully in your note. 🙂

    Oh yes, and I just love fossilized creature art.

  8. Masses of stuff about Mothman, statue, sightings, film and legend on Wiki.
    Nice MFM.

  9. Bobby with developed powers! He ought to do a lot of wonders. Great!

  10. Fossils are fascinating…

  11. That mothman looks rather scary. my husband would have some sort of attack if i showed him that lol ….he has a fear of moths!!

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