What you don’t know . . .

His excuses were always plausible so she had no reason to suspect that they were simply well-fabricated lies.  She couldn’t be trusted with the truth.  He knew it.  She wanted to feel secure and cared for so he created a world where she was the princess and he was prince charming.  He even built her a palace, well, in reality is was more of an illusion of a palace.

He could never be sure whether it was love or pity that he felt for her, even from the beginning.  Her parents were murdered when she was sixteen and she was shipped off to live with a great-aunt she barely knew.  She was an injured bird that he needed to rescue.

He made sure she was well provided for.  She lived the life of the rich and famous.  She was beautiful and not very bright – the perfect combination in a wife.  Only he bored of her sometime in the third year of marriage.  Tonight was their anniversary.   Their tenth.  He had had as many affairs but he was smart and knew how to cover his tracks.  Later tonight he would celebrate their anniversary and then after a night out, he would make an excuse to go out and he would see his current mistress.  He was getting bolder.  He almost didn’t care if she knew but there was the money to consider and he couldn’t afford the financial loss that a divorce would bring.  Even without a loss, the negative publicity was the real reason he wouldn’t divorce her.  It was a game with him.  A game he played with cunning and success.  He was wealthy, admired, and powerful.

He made reservations at her favorite restaurant, a little French restaurant in the city.  She arrived first in a new red dress.  Men’s heads turned as she passed but she pretended not to notice.  She picked a seat where the view was clear for her to see her husband when he arrived.  The salon had done an excellent job on her hair and nails that morning.  She planned every detail. 

He was late as usual.  When he walked in she had her face buried in the menu pretending to read it.  She just wanted to watch him without his knowing.  She needed to savour every minute of this night.  He leaned over and planted a kiss on her cheek.  “Hello, honey.  Sorry I’m late, traffic was a mess.”

“Happy anniversary, Michael.” she said with a smile.

She watched with pleasure as he enjoyed his dinner.  He smiled at her and looked at his watch counting down the hours until he would be enjoying his latest conquest.  She returned his smile and asked him about his day. 

She willingly retired early that night while he left to attend to a “business matter.”   He never suspected the meal was tainted with poison or that he’d never leave his mistress’ hotel room.  He never knew how smart she was, how calculating, how evil.  So much he didn’t know.  Things like- he wasn’t her first.  Neither were her parents.

Written for 3WW’s prompt: plausible, taint, willingly  Comments, Corrections,  and Critiques welcome!


9 responses to “What you don’t know . . .

  1. Whoa! A dangerous woman that!

  2. Well that left me with a tingle! … really well written, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, well done :o)

  3. I’m tempted to say good for her! In fact I am going to say good for her..a great write..well measured..I love how you used the only name in the piece as her weapon of power..she was nameless yet Michael was nothing..(sorry, also, I think I replied to the name of your piece on my post rather than your name – thank you for your visit Faith)..Jae

  4. This is a new for me. I am not participating, just reading. I was lookning to see if you had written anything for Saturday Centus week 36. I read this long text instead. Very clever and sinister!
    Best wishes,
    Anna’s SC#36

  5. Thanks for stopping by to read my Saturday Centus about Jon & Sara. Jon is too scared and shy to make the first move. A very different sort than the guys and gays in your text!
    Have fun,

  6. I don’t like WordPress. You can’t correct a comment:
    It’s not ‘guys and gays’ I mean but ”guys and gals’ !!! Now you’ll think that I talking about something entirely different!

  7. Even more mistakes! Let out a verb!
    I give up!

  8. wicked woman, indeed. Had me captured, start to finish.

  9. a great take on the prompt!!

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