Winter Walk

Inspired by “Microfiction Monday
where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer.”

“As a kid in Holland, we walked for miles to Grandma’s for Christmas! In the snow! With tree, gifts, and a pig; we wore shorts!” he barked.

~ 140 Characters ~

21 responses to “Winter Walk

  1. LOL! This is hysterical, and oh so true. ~Brenda

  2. LOL … I love this!!

  3. What a hoot! I love it! And true it is! Hope your week goes well and have a very Merry Christmas!!


  4. Ah yes, back in the OOLLLDDD Country, right?

    This is so clever and I’m sure it strikes a note with everyone who reads it!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. The things that we remember from our childhood. I was lucky though when I was a Wee Bairn my Gram lived with us so I didn’t have to walk through the snow in my shorts. Unfortunately my Gram didn’t live with us very long. She was moved to a Nursing Home 80 miles away, and we didn’t have all that many Christmas’s together.

    Thank you for stopping by my place Faith, a Wonderful Christmas is wished for you and your’s.

  6. That’s good, Faith! I’m still smiling. 🙂
    I would ask you, was it also up hill and down hill?
    Yeah, mine is about the shorts business also.
    BTW, boys didn’t wear shorts back in my day!

  7. we were thinking along the same lines 🙂
    great minds!

  8. LOL! I heard similar tales from my father!

  9. Faith,
    LOVED IT! Made me laugh right out loud! Fun stuff!
    Merry Christmas!


  10. Could be a wonderful memory – those walks
    silly man

    Blessings this Christmas

  11. Uphill both ways too! :O)

  12. Makes a person wonder why parents made their children wear shorts in the middle of winter, doesn’t t!
    Have a wonderful holiday. Cheers!

  13. I sometimes catch myself saying, “When I was a kid,”… just like my parents and grandparents used to say. I love your interpretation of this week’s picture, Faith! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  14. Love this take on the picture… thank you for stopping by the “Dojo” as well. 8)

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