The Saint and the Sinner


Catholic churches always creep me out a little with all their bizarre rituals, pedophile priests, and statues and paintings with dead eyes that follow your every move.  But I knew it gave her comfort, so I followed her inside and waited at the back while she went forward to do her thing.  When I looked up and saw the byzantinesque virgin mother staring down at her child, I turned around and walked out back out into the world.  I turned my collar up and leaned against the building before taking out my pack of smokes and lighting a cigarette.  An old woman glared up at me as she passed by; I pretended not to notice. 

Children were playing in the empty lot across the street.  Christmas music was being played loudly from someone’s stereo.  I flicked my ashes and took a deep breath; the air smelled like the snow the weatherman predicted for this evening.  The heavy church door opened.  Under the hood of her white cloak, Mary’s cheeks were rosy and her blue eyes shone with contentment. 

“Much.  It lifts my spirits just being inside, smelling the old polished wood, Father White with his kind words and gentle ways, and the saints depicted throughout.  It’s like coming home, isn’t it, Kevin?”

Kevin nodded.

“I knew you felt the same way!” Mother was so wrong about him, Mary thought to herself as she reached for his hand.

A bit of fiction written for Magpie Tales.
Comments and Critiques welcome!

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10 responses to “The Saint and the Sinner

  1. Oh, did she end up with a scoundrel???? Well, at least he did go to church with her so maybe he’s not so bad, after all.

  2. Each to his own, says I…

  3. We don’t need to follow the same faith, but we can show respect and support
    Nice piece

    cheers 🙂

  4. Christmas is all about love and tolerance. Nice piece.

  5. Some do, some don’t but it’s all OK.
    Merry Christmas.

  6. To accept just as we are, sends a message unto itself.

  7. I think you have cut a real slice of life out of the sky and presented it very nicely. nice writing

  8. accepting and respecting

  9. Hope you have a beautiful Christmas! 🙂

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