Rich dark chocolate, freshly brewed
                                                 Sure puts me in the Christmas mood!        C
                                                 Peppermint stick and cinnamon spice              O
                                                   oft adds flavor to my Christmas vice.              C
                                                     Best savored in a fancy china cup            O
                                                        I thank the Lord and sip it up           A 
                                                                Giving cold whipped
                                                                 Cream a final twirl, 
                                                     This ole’ woman becomes a girl!

Linking to One Stop Poetry‘s OSW today  : )

18 responses to “Cocoa

  1. very cunning!
    we are both thinking of something warm to sip.

  2. signed .............bkm

    How lovely a cup of coca….thank you for inviting me in for a sip…bkm

  3. Clever and perfect for the cold days. I would love how you get the text to do that – wordpress doesn’t cooperate with me

    nicely crafted for One Shot

  4. Oh how cool is that, er…I mean hot! Actually it’s just right – love it!

  5. you hear me shouting – YES YES YES!! ?? your poem speaks all warmth and soft richness to me – across half the globe i can smell you cacao…

  6. The warmed me inside – nicely assembled, too!

  7. Seriously? This is so awesome. I love that image and the Christmas vice. YUM

  8. Nice a cup of coca, loved your writing!
    Take care

  9. Ha! Awesome both visually and literally. cheers

  10. this is so fun! has me wanting something sweet and rich. 🙂

  11. i love it i love it!

  12. Smile-inducing, structure-clever, excellent verses.

  13. ok not only is cocoa delish…but your concrete poem is as well…very nice…

  14. Very clever. following the curved word ‘steaming’ into the cup one can taste the cocoa, peppermint, cinnamon and Christmas spirit all stirred together.

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