Not Waving but Drowning

 Written for Carry On Tuesday’s prompt:
Not Waving but Drowning 
Joe was 63 when he retired from the factory.  He went to work for the factory when he was a young man of 25.  After 38 years, Joe had had enough.  He hated his job but it came with benefits and a great retirement plan.  Which was all he talked about, how he would finally have time to enjoy all the things that he would do once he was no longer a “rat in the rat race”. 
He told his co-workers all about the vacation that he and Edna would enjoy. Their first real vacation in at least a decade.  They had saved for years.  They were finally going to take the cruise that he had always promised her.  How was he to know that 6 months before his retirement day, cancer would claim his dear wife and he would give his tickets to her sister. 
Folks would pass by his house and see him sitting out on the front porch; they would wave and he would return their wave.  Only those close to him understood that he was not waving but drowning

3 responses to “Not Waving but Drowning

  1. poor joe… you never know what life will bring. perhaps he will find grace and perseverance 🙂

  2. That is a good story. well written and oh so true to life.
    you have said a great deal about life with a minimu of words. You have the ability to be a good writer.

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