A Wondrous Season!

Tinsel shimmering in the light
Icycles hanging on so tight
Snow on the ground fresh and white

Trains with lonesome whistle call
Hustle and bustle at the local mall
Evergreens, decking the hall

Santa and a hardy ho-ho-ho
Eating Christmas candy and Holiday feasts
Advent and Angels and the Christ child
Singing carrols and spreading holiday cheer! 
Opening gifts and attending celebration events

Don’t let the ghosts of Christmas past haunt your today.  Don’t allow worries of the future steal your happiness today.  Choose happiness and find delight in the small things! 

May you have a wondrous season!

Written for Writer’s Island

4 responses to “A Wondrous Season!

  1. such a light hearted Christmas poem truly a treat to read.

  2. It’s so difficult to find something new to say about Christmas, but you have managed it with this charming accrostic poem.

  3. nicely done….thanks for sharing your wondrous words

  4. Great acrostic! A welcome change from the usual verse. You can still say so much about Christmas. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

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