Descent into Death

From the day we arrive on the planet Earth
We begin to spiral downward to the grave
The path to death, so far away it seems at birth 
Begins to increase in speed along ’bout 29
Life’s dreams vanish along with mirth
Yet we fight and struggle against fate and time
Our bodies are not meant to last forever
Our backs become bent our minds grow clouded
And the fight for life becomes harder than ever
Until all we long for is rest and thoughts uncrowded
At last we seek relief in quests beyond the grave
Written for Carry On Tuesday’s prompt: 

From the day we arrive on the planet

4 responses to “Descent into Death

  1. That was a good take on the prompt with a lot of troth in what you have said here. Though people may deny this is exactly what happens!!

  2. I agree. I like the thoughts you express. Very true.

  3. you portray the progression of life perfectly.
    you are able to say in a few short lines what others cannot say
    in a book. Nice writing.

  4. well written… (not that I am some sort of great judge of writing, lol) what I mean to say is that I relate, and I like the piece!

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