This weeks prompt writing will be one with a twist. You know those horoscopes in newspapers? One of those will be your new prompt. Pick one randomly from a paper or a website and write a story <100 words about the kind of day that horoscope “predicts”.

The horoscope I chose was Cancer from NYPOST.com:

No matter how much work you have on your plate you will get through it all in record time. Your appetite for detail is remarkable, so get on with it and reward yourself at the end of the day with a night on the town.

Ah, the weekend after Thanksgiving! This year is extra special because Sunday begins Advent. So, today I woke up early, made a pot of coffee, and wrote out today’s agenda:

    1. Take down autumn decorations
    2. Do a deep clean of entire house
    4. Rake leaves, clean front porch & back patio
    5. Make Christmas gift list
    7. Write Christmas newsletter
    8. Make Christmas card list
    9. Make Holiday baking list
    11. Add Christmas events to calendar
    12. Make Advent checklist
    13. Make Christmas party checklist

Amazingly, at day’s end, all thirteen items were checked off!
Let the games begin!   ¡Felicidades!

NOTE:   Wish I could say that this write really happened.  It didn’t.
“Happy Holidays” put me over the 100 limit, so I cheated and used the Spanish equivalent.  : )  It’s amazing all the extra work that the holidays create.  Totally worth it though. 

Word count:  100
Written for  Saturday Centus.

16 responses to “¡Felicidades!

  1. The first item on your list was easy, since I had none up. The second item on your list was easy, because “deep cleaning” is not in my vocabulary. Since we have rocks instead of grass, the third item was also easy. You wouldn’t want to read my Christmas newsletter, and I don’t bake. fpr years, I had a Christmas potluck dinner for all my friends who had no place to go at Christmas, as many as 60 people. I stopped doing that when it got too big and no one ever reciprocated.
    Today, I napped and watched LSU football.

  2. I got quite a bit of decorating done today. I’m thrilled. I really liked your idea of doing a list for centus. I don’t remember anyone taking this approach. Very clever.. Good job.

  3. I agree with Viki about your use of a list. Cool. I have every item on that list ahead of me. Aargh! If I could stop writing and reading blog posts, maybe I could get started.


  4. I love your numbering system! Makes it easier to get all 13 items done! Great take on the prompt.

    Mine is here. http://razzamadazzle.wordpress.com/2010/11/27/saturday-centus-horoscope/

  5. Excellent & well done for sticking to the word count. It’s important to me as well!

  6. Oh, please come help me with my list! Congratulations on the accomplishment!

  7. Loved the way you met this week’s prompt. Your list fit your horoscope perfectly!

  8. I’m with Viki and CJ. I’ve got to get moving on making a list. Great take on this prompt. Personally, I was less than amused by the whole adventure.

  9. This was a clever post for your Centus! And I love that you kept to the word count by exchanging English for Spanish – what an inspired idea! Kat

  10. Oh, my gosh, you make me tired just reading all of this! I hope you did reward yourself with a night on the town because you deserve it! Clever use of Spanish to get your word count! Very clever!

  11. Ahh a fellow list maker! I am with Judie, cleaning isn’t one of my favorite things and it usually is the only thing on a list when it needs to be done. The Christmas cards have been purchased and are sitting on the table and that’s about as far as I got with that. I did however remember to buy those annoying little Christmas confettis. It’s my turn to spread some of that annoying joy. I hate opening cards only to have that crap scatter everywhere. Heh heh heh it’s my turn now! Baking? I bought some stuff to do it, so it may or may not happen. I like to pace myself!
    Great use of your horoscope prompt!~Ames

  12. I took away my first attempt at this, in case you tried to visit my post and found that it was not accessable. But it’s working now. I have finally finished writing a Centus for week 30.
    Best wishes,
    Anna’s SC wk 30

  13. Ha! That seems more like a week’s list than a days list! Great job with the prompt this week! Love how you stuck to the 100 word limit! You squeezed a lot of good stuff in such a short space! Well done!

  14. Loved it!

    I am Aries. I wrote ripples depicting that!

  15. Your list looks remarkably like the one I made a couple of days ago. Except that mine is far from finished, I’m afraid!


  16. Wow. What an incredibly written SC. This felt like so much more than 100 words (in a wonderful way!) Oh, that I could actually accomplish that much in a days time!

    Thanks for linking.

    I really enjoyed my visit here.

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