What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday our television screen went black
We looked at each other with mouths  hung slack
We checked the plug and the cable in back
Our TV had died there was no mistake- that!
Still we wiggled cords, and we gave it a whack!
But it would not revive! How would we survive?
We were forced to converse – get’s  painfully worse
We’d quiet forgotten how, you know? You know!
We began quoting Shakespeare and nonsensical verse
We read books off the shelves first Dickens then Poe
Then we talked a little more, much better than before
One thing let to another under moonlight cover
We snuggled like a couple of star-crossed lovers
The very next morning right about daylight
We drove off to Wal-Mart to replace the TV
Our show’s new season was premiering that night
And that was something we just had to see!

A piece of fiction written for Sunday Scribblings!

13 responses to “What a Difference a Day Makes

  1. I like this, wonderful take on the frustration… oh I was so there with wiggling the cords and giving it a whack! And yes, in the end, can’t miss that show!

  2. Really fun read…I can relate! Glad you got a new one!

  3. Absolutely – one day without TV is quite enough. I love the contrasts here – ‘Dickens and Poe’ then ‘Walmart’ – it kind of describes the world not just the situation..lovely piece though..made me smile and if you do have a new TV hope it’s big and shiny! Jae

  4. How cool this is! Do you think that this creativity came to be because there was no TV??? (chuckles)

  5. I enjoyed the humor and the rhyme. I think we can all identify with you in that, having lost electricity and been forced to communicate instead or parallel play. In my case it’s the computer though, instead of the television.

  6. This made me smile, I remember when we were children and if the TV broke it felt as though the world had ended! 🙂

  7. Sharp rhymes, and especially liked that it wasn’t following a particular form; sometimes, the rhyme was internal, sometimes at the end of the line.

    Loved what you did with the prompt, and yes, how sad but true that we really DO have our favorite shows… part of being a couple, right?

    Amy Barlow Liberatore

  8. LOL, Awesome. You captured the push and pull of our modern world so well. This was a pleasure to read!

  9. I loved this – a precious moment and then “normal” life rushes in 🙂

  10. Our coffee pot did the same . It must be true about things not made to last long these days. Ah well I’m glad you got yourselves another tv . lol my boyfriend would go crazy but I think I could live without it , see how well you guys did? lol . I am assuming anyway …

  11. Wonderful, and recognizably poignant. =)

  12. I actually love nights where there are power outages and we’re forced to light candles, step away from the TV and talk. Like the nice little bit of irony there where you drove to Wal-Mart (interesting choice of store) just as soon as you could the next day. How easily we slip back into our old ways…

  13. A forced reunion of what drew you two together. This is life’s way of showing us why we love each other.

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