Thankful Day

The linen on the dining room table
Is harvest-hued and pressed
We chat over drinks and await
The late arrival of certain guests
The turkey is carved and plated
While we sit with breath abated,
Nephews starved unsated
Seize stolen cubes of cheese
Grandma in vintage apron gay 
Slicing dessert, fresh apple pie
‘Tis her favorite holiday
Heads bow down for Grandpa’s blessing
Then we fill our plates with turkey
Mashed ‘taters, gravy, and dressing,
Aunt Martha’s famous venison jerky
Servings of green bean casserole
The youngest grabs not one but two
Of Mom’s whole wheat yeast rolls
Later we enjoy a hot cup of brew
A slice of pumpkin and mincemeat too
Then when this Thankful Day is done
With memories new and leftovers few
We bid loved ones another year adieu

Sharing with Theme Thursday
and with Imperfect Prose

Comments and Critiques welcome.  : )

3 responses to “Thankful Day

  1. absolutely breathtaking. love the harvest hues, and the breath abated. well done! e.

  2. Beautiful – evoked such wonderful images and brought back precious memories. Another Thanksgiving, let us give thanks.

  3. Nephews starved unsated
    Seize stolen cubes of cheese

    i smiled at this line, because i remember waiting impatient and hungry for dinner to start. 🙂

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