Is it eleven?

“Is it eleven?”
“It’s eleven.”
“Who said it was eleven?”
“She did.”
“Well, she should know.”
“Who’s in the show?”
“What show?”
“Oh, is there going to be a show?”
“I didn’t know about a show.”
“Oh, it’s too late for a show now.”
“Why?  What time is it?”
“Is it eleven?”

Carol listened to the conversation in the TV room and shook her head, “Always they argue about the time,”  she spoke to the lady seated nearest her pointing her cane at the men in the corner.  The nurse came by and patted her arm, “They’re at it again, are they, Carol.”

Written for Magpie Tales.

14 responses to “Is it eleven?

  1. Oh, dear, I can feel myself teetering on the brink of this on a bad day! Saints preserve us!

  2. Relationships are funny sometimes. Who can figure how they work? For these two the conversation made sense and kept them connected. I like it.

  3. This is terse, and good

  4. Oh, how I love this! And who, pray tell, might be on first base?
    Life in assisted living ………

  5. I find this very touching. A tad amusing but at the same time, touching because there are many of us who will actually go down that road.

  6. Well they can’t toss a ball around…this is the way they stay fit 🙂

  7. This is such an endearing piece. I’ve really enjoyed it. thank you so much.
    much peace.

  8. fantastic tale…love the opening dialog…like a comedy sketch

  9. Sometimes brevity has it over abundance. This short dialogue and commentary, so neatly constructed, uses the juxtaposition between the men’s concern for time present and the overall sense of time at the end of its span very poignantly.

  10. Warm and lovely attempt 🙂

  11. So cute. At least they have someone to talk and argue with 🙂

  12. And where have I heard this one before… oh, yeah, in my everyday endeavors. But these conversations do keep them going sometimes. Well expressed, just like I see all the time.

  13. Sounds like a conversation at Willow Manor! Cute.

  14. oh yes- who’s on first. Clever piece!

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