Inspired by Sunday Scribblings prompt #241 – Bright Idea

My bright idea is that multitasking is highly overrated!

When I was young I watched my mother multitask with ease
She did it so well, we delighted to tell
Of the time when she stuck her head in the ice box for cheese
But was thinking instead of something someone had said
And in the confusion she forgot to withdraw her poor head!

When I was grown, I thought I’d find that “multitask” a breeze
After all, I knew what not to do when I went to get the cheese!
Then one day with thoughts far away and my hand down deep in the drain
I flipped on  the switch, and I cried in my pain this moral refrain:
“Tis trouble yer askin’, not worth multitaskin’ if you’re in the same bloodline with me!”

15 responses to “Multitasking

  1. thing at a time and then you don’t lose a hand in the waste disposal..made me smile..Jae 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, I giggled at this one….(hope your hand was ok). Yes, we think that we can do everything don’t we? It is times such as these when I am most grateful that I am not in control…the Great Multitasker is!!!

  3. Delightfully written, it really made me smile, I loved it!!! :o)

  4. Hahaha! I multitask the same way you do!

  5. Very funny, I like the humour the idea of inheriting your mum’s failing!

  6. I completely agree – for years I’ve prided myself on my ability to multitask and do things quickly. But as I’ve grown older I’ve come to realize it’s often better to slow down and take my time – that way brouble doesn’t arise! 🙂

  7. Oops sorry – meant “trouble”! Must have been multitasking!

  8. Faith,
    Ouch! Garbage disposals are something to fear. Thank goodness you didn’t lose a finger.

  9. Enjoyed that. Multi-tasking can sometimes be dangerous.

  10. Like mother, like daughter. 🙂

  11. And women are still bragging that can do several things at once 😀

  12. I’ve never been good at multitasking and proud of the fact. And I still run into trouble even if it’s slow motion. Nice piece and thanks for visiting my site,


  13. The trouble is that I get distracted. I don’t really multitask, I just start one job and before I know where I am, I am doing another. While I truly hope you didn’t mangle a hand I have certainly burnt a saucepan or two by “multitasking.”

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