Inspired by Sunday Scribblings prompt #240 – Friction

Friction ~
I’m against it!
It rubs me the wrong way.


9 responses to “Friction

  1. hahaha very witty…loved it!

  2. Lovely take, the humor abounds. Thanks for the smile, and thank you for visitting over at my blog.

  3. that one is really short and sweet…great..great post.

  4. He, he… Too cute. I had to chuckle when I read this!

  5. Oh funny… clever…


  6. Way to pun! Thanks for your visit..Jae (I love your poem also – the photo and words were captivating)

  7. You are so right!!! This was a very nice surprise. Thank you.


    Thank you for commenting on my Popeye and Me blog. I appreciate it.

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