Sand Art

Once I had a hair quite wild
Of making sand art with my child
A bottle, sand, too, in colorful hue
Fat fingers layered a fancy design
The creation porcess took some time
Finally, a masterpiece sublime
What happened next I couldn’t have guessed
She screwed the lid on tight
And shook the thing with all her might!

Inspired by life and Theme Thursday. 🙂

8 responses to “Sand Art

  1. Oh my that is funny. I don’t know if you laughed or cried at the time. What a wonderful memory.


  2. Oh, no! After all that work. Though the monks from Tibet who do sand art destroy it afterwards to show the impermanence of life and the futility of holding on to things, I guess 🙂 Nice poem.

  3. Nice! I had a visual of this!

  4. This is great. What lovely memories…however my masterpieces were never worth saving! But I can still remeber my children doing exactly that!

  5. Ah, the innocence of a child, having no idea of a masterpiece in hand, just something fun to do — shaking sand in a bottle — much more enjoyable than staring at it! What a great piece.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I was thrilled to follow your link and find another writing prompt — Theme Thursday. Woot!


  6. Fun, whimsical, keeping w/ your blog’s title.

  7. the age of imaginative creation.. love this.

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