Word Wielder

“Want to sit outside?  It’s such a nice day.”

The two ladies ordered their lattes and went out the back door to the courtyard.  “Christine, let’s sit by the fountain” said Jayne.  “Even in the courtyard, they felt a subtle breeze.”
  There was a definite fall smell in the air mingled with the smells of downtown: a hint of charcoal from a BBQ pit, the vanilla candles burning on the table, and of course the aroma of the coffee house and the steaming cups of lattes in front of them.

Christine was wearing a new outfit that she just got at the mall, her blonde hair was perfectly styled by some fancy salon guru, her nails she just had done, and she wore matching James Avery jewelry. 

Jayne wore something she bought at Wal-Mart and she cut her own dark brown hair into a short bob, her nails were trimmed and plain and the only jewelry she wore were small gold loop earrings that Christine gave her for Christmas last year.  To look at the two of them, no one would suspect that they were sisters until you looked into their faces and saw that they had the same large hazel eyes.  Christine always looked that she’d just come from some important business meeting.  Jayne just looked tired.

The two of them sat down.  Christine took her handbag and carefully draped it on the back of her chair and crossed her legs under the table.  Jayne sat her purse on the table and removed the lid from her cup and set it on the table and took a sip of the steaming liquid.   “I saw John yesterday,” she began.

Christine tried to pretend she didn’t care but she unconsciously leaned in because she did and simply said, “Oh,” and looked down at her cup before lifting to her lips.  “How is he?”

“He said he was doing well.  His wife is expecting a baby in February.  He just got a promotion.”

“Is he still working for Jake?” Christine asked.

“Well, that’s what he said.  But, there wasn’t a kernel of truth in anything he said!” 

“Why?  Why would he lie?”

“Maybe he knew I’d tell you.  I saw Kim about a month ago and she was with someone else.”

“Well, it could have been a client,”  Christine said.

“They were holding hands.  I thought she’d gained weight.  But after what John said, I guess she was pregnant!”

“He is a word wielder,” Christine sighed.

“What the duck is a word wielder?” 

“You know – he wields words like a warrior wields weapons.  He could make a statue weep or melt a heart of stone. “

“Oh, I get it.  He has a silver tongue.”

“That, he does.”

“Hum, never noticed,”  Jayne said trying not to smile.

From where Jayne sat she could see the door open as John came out into the courtyard.  He winked at her.

“Christine, I’m going to run to the restroom.” she said abruptly.

“Worked like a charm,” Jayne whispered as he passed John.

Inspired by 3WW’s CCXIII prompt:  abrupt, kernel, wield

6 responses to “Word Wielder

  1. Loved the ending! And how you developed the characters

  2. this was an interesting read, I want to know more about these two gals..

  3. Great ending, as Pia noted. I liked the build-up, and I liked how you put flesh to the characters.
    That said, and I’m not picking on you, but this could use an edit to strip away some unneeded language, as in the line, “Even in the courtyard, there was a sutle (sic) breeze that blew.”
    To: “Even in the courtyard, they felt a subtle breeze.”
    (email me if you’d like more suggestions.)
    I really liked the piece, don’t get me wrong. It sets such a scene.

  4. Hi there! What a wonderful expression – ‘word-weilder’..I hope I can become one of those..great character piece..and as the others say, it built to a fine ending..thanks for your vist..Jae 🙂

  5. having four sisters absolutely loved it…. it’s like having four shadows… bird on a wire

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